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9/11 Day of Service

By Kim Stevens
Campus Organizer - CU Denver

Join us on Sunday for the National Day of Service and Remembrance in in honor of September 11th. We're doing an energy service project in Denver, joining thousands of grassroots service projects taking place across the nation.

9/11 Day of Service - Meet at the Tivloi at 10am on Sunday

We'll run a run a quick training and then we'll go door to door in teams to conduct basic energy surveys, analyzing people's energy use, and giving them quick tips on how to save energy.
People will be able to sign up for a free energy upgrades - we'll schedule a time to return to seal cracks around doors and windows, exchange old light bulbs for CFL's, and preform other small projects around the house to help them save energy.

Regent Michael Carrigan will speaking to us before we go out.

See you on Sunday!