Campaign for Energy Efficient Colorado

With our energy needs growing fast, and energy bills rising for all Coloradans, one thing is clear: we can’t afford to continue using energy wastefully. The solution to cutting these costs is simple—energy efficiency. Through rebates on energy-efficient tools like efficient hot water heaters, double-pane windows, insulation, and solar heating and cooling systems, we can easily achieve a statewide energy use reduction that will save consumers money. By 2020, we could save over $1.2 billion and eliminate the need for several polluting power plants.

State-wide Energy Savings Standards: Utilities can play an important role in helping Coloradans reduce their energy costs through rebates on energy efficient appliances and building materials as well as through audit and energy consulting programs. These programs have a big impact—Xcel Energy, Colorado’s largest utility—will reduce its consumer demand by 11.5% by 2020 through its consumer energy efficiency programs. This will save its customers $250 million.

However, not all utilities have these programs. Thousands are missing out simply because they live on the wrong side of the street and have a utility who offers no energy saving programs.  So we are working to promote energy saving programs such as these:

On-bill Financing: It's a simple idea. You purchase energy-reducing upgrades from your utility and see immediate energy savings. However, instead of paying thousands up front, you can pay the costs off over time via your utility bill. The result would be thousands more Coloradans reducing energy use, and saving money and the environment. CoPIRG will be working to make on-bill financing a strong tool for Coloradans to save energy and save money.

Transparency: We are also fighting to create an energy rating system for residential and commercial property, similar to the miles per gallon stickers found on new vehicles, which would give consumers a quick understanding of the efficiency of a property and the potential energy bills.

Net Zero Homes: Building design is the single biggest contributor to our homes' and businesses' energy efficiency. That's why it's critical for all new buildings to use state-of-the-art design, to ensure that as our state grows, our homes and offices can be so efficient that they can produce all the energy they need on-site, thus using net zero energy.



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