Yesterday we released a new report, Transportation and the New Generation: Why Young People are Driving Less and What it Means for Transportation Policy, that shows that young people in particular are decreasing the amount they drive and increasing their use of transportation alternatives.

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Transportation and the New Generation

From World War II until just a few years ago, the number of miles driven annually on America’s roads steadily increased. Then, at the turn of the century, something changed: Americans began driving less. By 2011, the average American was driving 6 percent fewer miles per year than in 2004. The trend away from driving has been led by young people.

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21st Century Transportation

Colorado has a 20th century transit system that is wasteful, inefficient and expensive.  Our public transportation system is small and woefully underfunded so that most Coloradans have no choice to but to drive to work, to ski, and to the grocery store. 

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Spring Break Trip 2010 – Success!

While thousands of Colorado college students descended on the beaches of Cancun, a team of 10 Colorado college students decided to spend their Spring Break making a difference in Colorado by traveling the state and building support for a 21st century transportation system.

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“Transportation Freedom Day” Highlights Transportation Costs for Residents

To highlight the differences in transportation costs per city, CoPIRG released data from the Center of Neighborhood Technology that calculated each city’s Transportation Freedom Day, the date in which a typical household has earned enough to cover its annual transportation costs.

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Colorado's Transportation Crossroads

Expanding public transportation can provide more Coloradans with alternatives to driving, while laying the foundation for an efficient transportation system for the 21st century.  This is our vision for how to do that.

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Keep Transit on Track

CoPIRG students in Denver have collected over 300 public comments on the Auraria Campus in favor of high-speed rail along the I-70 corridor, and delivered them to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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